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Computer Nerd Staring at Screen Illustration

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computer nerd staring at screen cartoon
Computer nerd/geek staring at computer screen

Computer Nerd

This computer nerd is staring at a screen for way too long! His eyes are blood shot and his jaw sits relaxed. Ones and zeros fill his mind. He is now thinking binary.

How I Created Him

This was a fun image to draw. I spend a lot of time on the computer and I have to admit that sometimes I feel this way, tired and dazed. Many of us can relate to this picture. The open source tools that I used to create this computer nerd was Krita and Inkscape.

I drew a rough sketch of the computer nerd on paper and then took a picture and imported that into Krita as a base layer. I then used the pencil to go over my paper drawing and fixed some glaring mistakes such as proportions. After that I took one of the ink tools in Krita and turned on stroke smoothing and inked over the drawing concentrating on line thickness and smooth strokes.

After the lines were finished then I added color. This is one of the more enjoyable parts of the creation process because I get to see how colors can change the image mood. The brushes that I used were the standard paint brushes from the default Krita installation. The air brush comes in handy at the end to smooth things out. Be careful not to overuse the air brush. I start with all gray scale and then go over the gray scale image with color to make sure that my values are on.

The ones and zeros were done in inkscape and then imported into Krita as a background layer.

As I said before. This was a very fun project and I think many of us can relate to this poor man. Sometimes we need to unplug!

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